The Environmental Community headquarters is located in downtown Hot Springs, AR. Congress established Hot Springs Reservation to protect the natural hot springs in 1832 which was 40 years before Yellowstone National Park. For over 200 years people have used the therapeutic baths from these hot springs and have dubbed them “The American Spa.” Congress changed the name to Hot Springs National Park in 1921. Hot Springs, Arkansas is a global destination for wealthy people as well as health seekers that travel from around the world to enjoy the benefits of the hot springs. The area is also well known for its camping, hiking and water activities.

This location was carefully chosen for numerous business and environmental reasons:

  • Effects of climate change should be minimal
  • Arkansas is known as “The Natural State”
  • Hot Springs National Park protects a large area
  • Natural resources are still relatively clean
  • People in Arkansas are generally eco-minded
  • TEC’s impact in Arkansas will be very positive
  • The odds of catastrophic events in Arkansas are low

Our Mission

The Environmental Community has created a unique environmental platform to create new waves of eco-activity. Our unique formula combines education, entertainment, and advocacy. This synergistically designed platform acts as a gateway for activism while creating a new generation of activists.

In time, this dynamic system will become the model for all results-oriented activist groups and will create an ever-growing wave of eco-minded individuals. By design, the system unites like-minded groups and individuals. Ultimately, this concentration of people will lead to more comprehensive solutions to prevent further ecological destruction.

Our broad environmental education and activist network includes 65 member organizations, advocacy groups, and other strategic businesses. Together all of these groups collectively enlighten and engage the public by changing how people live, the products they buy, and the companies they support. This process creates social change for the betterment of people while safeguarding our home here on Earth.

We are asking all individuals and companies that are willing to assume responsibility to lend us your full support. By working together, as if our lives depended upon it, we can create the changes that are needed to save humanity and our Earth.

This is your invitation to join The Environmental Community to support our Race To Save Earth!

Note: All platform and eco-business strategies are highly confidential. Because these strategies are essential to our success they will NOT be shared or publicized until such time as we implement them.