There is a chemical out there to “fix” literally everything. Hazardous chemicals are around us everywhere – from lawn and garden products to the food we eat every day.

Chemicals such as MTBE, which are found in many products (like gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, our vegetables, our meat and so on) not only threaten our health but also the health of other species and our Earth as a whole. A staggering amount of these harmful chemicals have been directly linked to long-term chronic effects in humans, especially cancer.

By seeping into our environment, these common chemicals contaminate the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. They are killing off plants and animals across the globe and are wreaking havoc on our planet.

Although many of these hazardous chemicals have already found their way into our soil and water and will remain there for years to come, we can prevent any more deadly chemicals from destroying our precious home.

Join The Environmental Community in ridding our world of these destructive chemicals.